The magic country...

7. srpna 2014 v 14:39 | Victoria |  Téma týdne
The Magic country ...
What does it mean? For some, fantasy, fairytale world, incredibly beautiful scenery and tranquility .
People are like, we live in an absolutely beautiful harmony with nature , animals in one place... nature is not destroyed by the intervention of the hand, animals sleeping with us and we with them in a heap...
Everything is beautiful, where only one drilling, there is serenity, a calm atmosphere, elephants wading rivers, to let me drift on the surface of the river, love the sunshine and let go with the flow , peace and harmony with nature...
The Magic country is almost fairy-tale world, create it, immersed in it, perhaps as an escape from reality, maybe just for a better life here on earth ... a magical land is in us, feel free to discover ...

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1 Markeet Markeet | Web | 7. srpna 2014 v 14:42 | Reagovat

Ahoj :) nehodil by se ti někde hlas? :) Kdyby jo, stačí napsat do komentu na blog :) Kdyby se ti chtělo, můžeš pro mě taky hlasovat, link na blogu :)

2 Lucky Lammer Lucky Lammer | 7. srpna 2014 v 16:18 | Reagovat

You can see wall of trees. In this land the river is only way of travelling, because of large rainforests covering both sides. As the river became wider, the flow slows and you can see all the live on the river bank. There are bunch of monkeys, jumping from one branch to another, right under nose of leopard, lazily hanging on highest spot. Huge snake suddenly slips around your feet. But You are not afraid, because you know, that you can be as calm, as all the rainbow-colored, shiny fishes, swimming by its side. All you feel now is water, playing with your hair, flowing between your fingers and tickling you on your toes. From all the peace around you became sooo lazy…
Now only you can see is sky so blue, that it is even unbelievable. Slowly you sink under the surface of the crystal clear water. Wake up, little escapist, wake up and smell the hashes of our world!

3 Lucky Lammer Lucky Lammer | 7. srpna 2014 v 16:21 | Reagovat

Sometimes I really have to read something, before I’m going to post it. I mean… live vs. life? Give me a break!

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